Wooden floor

Hardwood floors are quality, durability and an incredibly attractive appearance. What type of tree should I choose? How to care for such a coating? Answers – in our review.
Surely many of you have had difficulty choosing the type of flooring. It is important that the floor looked beautiful, was natural, warm, presentable and durable. Still nobody likes, when on it there are traces from furniture or heels. With such a huge selection of materials in the construction market, it’s not surprising to get lost.

Create a healthy living environment, a warm atmosphere and a luxurious view of the house are capable of flooring from wood. That they served long, give preference to hard grades. They are experienced in time and have a presentable appearance.

Wooden floor

Wooden floor


Floor coverings from a natural tree – a fashionable and actual trend. And thanks to the expansion of the production line, they become available to almost everyone. The advantages of such a coating are obvious – it’s a very durable and stylish version with a lot of colors and textures.

The floor covering from a file of a tree can be repeatedly grinded, having restored to it a primordial kind. The choice on the market is wide enough, and the hardness, strength, texture and color depend on the type of wood used.

The most popular and accessible breeds are oak, cherry, maple, walnut. In elite interiors more exotic and rare breeds are used: teak, Brazilian cherry, Canadian maple.

However, before choosing hardwood flooring, it is worth taking into account some of the nuances. Such a floor covering is quite strong, but due to its natural texture it does not tolerate mechanical damage (traces of heels and scratches from the claws of animals). Also, the coatings are unstable to moisture.

Therefore, they will last longer if properly taken care of: protect from mechanical influences, do not allow long exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.

When caring for such floors, it is not recommended to use oil-based sprays, waxes and cleaners containing acids, alkalis and abrasives.

Scale of hardness

Hardness is one of the important indicators when choosing floors from wood. Durability and wear resistance of floors depend on this attribute. To your floor always looked presentable without dents from furniture and heels, choose the most solid material.

Let’s note five most popular kinds and their index of hardness on Brinell which manufacturers use. The higher it is, the harder the tree.

  • Cherry – 3,7;
  • Oak – 3.8;
  • Beech – 3.8;
  • Ash – 4,1;
  • Maple – 4.8.
Wooden floor

Wooden floor


The cherry wood is solid and hard. Has a pronounced uniform texture. The cherry color has a pink-brown or pink-gray color. Luxuriously it looks like parquet from cherry, especially when it darkens over time. Then you get a reddish-brown noble shade.

A distinctive feature of the cherry is a delicate aroma. Parquet from this type of wood is appropriate in almost any interior.

Wooden Floor Cherry

Wooden Floor Cherry


Oak is very resistant to external influences, therefore this kind of wood is durable and especially durable. He has a beautiful and peculiar texture. The color palette of this material is the most diverse: from light brown to yellow-brown hue.

Parquet from oak has a property with time to darken. Then we get the effect of aristocratic antiquity.

Oak flooring has a high degree of strength. Do not worry about scratches and dents. Caring for him is simple and easy.

Wooden Floor Oak

Wooden Floor Oak


Ash wood is resistant to heavy loads. It is very elastic, but hard enough. Susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature.

It has a pronounced texture and a slightly yellowish color. Ash in the interior dominates. So if you want to draw attention to the floor, give preference to this kind of wood. To achieve an amazing decorative result, it can be toned and artificially aged.

It features high “cross-country ability”, so it is great for a living room.

Wooden Floor Ash

Wooden Floor Ash


The beech has a homogeneous structure with a light, reddish-yellow or grayish color. Differs longevity and strength. The floor of this kind of wood looks warm and calm. Great for use in a children’s room or for a home gym.

Beech can react to changes in humidity in the room. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the relative humidity of air: it should not fall below 45% and not rise above 55%.

Wooden Floor Beech

Wooden Floor Beech


The maple wood perfectly copes with the loads, it is very firm and undemanding in the care. It has a very beautiful surface with a pearly glossy tint.

The color of the maple is almost white. Sometimes yellowish shades occur. Over time, slightly yellow. Often, the maple is painted in pink or red.

Particularly popular is the variety of this wood with dark “eyes”.

Maple is good for visual expansion of space. Especially effective looks dark furniture against the background of such a light floor.

Wooden Floor Maple

Wooden Floor Maple

Five arguments in favor of wooden floors

  • The floors of the wood are warm and pleasant to the touch, durable, easy to maintain.
  • The floors of wood are perfectly combined with different styles of interior: from the simplest to the most refined.
  • Wooden floors have the ability to “breathe”.
  • The value of living space increases when it has floors made of natural wood.
  • If you chose a board of solid wood, then the likelihood that they will creak, significantly reduced.

One minus

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of hardwood floors is their high cost and more time consuming installation process compared to other coatings. But this is justified by the longevity, naturalness and beauty.

On a note!

  1. A key to the aesthetic appeal and durability of wooden floors are special care products. Therefore, it is necessary to select them correctly and apply them in time.
  2. If the floor is varnished and stains from shoe cream or chocolate are formed on it, alcohol-containing cleaners are suitable for their removal.
  3. Traces of pencils, markers, colored crayons should be erased with methyl alcohol diluted with water (1: 1).
  4. Spots on the floor, treated with wax-oil, it is recommended to remove the soap concentrate (restorer).
  5. The appearance of hardwood floors will remain in good condition for a long time if you adapt them to the humidity of the room. To the tree does not swell and do not dry up, use humidifiers in the winter (heating) season. And vice versa, use dehumidifiers in the summer.
  6. Additional protection of wooden floors: oil, wax and varnish.
  7. When caring for floors from wood, use a vacuum cleaner and do a wet cleaning. Only a rag should not be badly wetted. It should be slightly moistened, but not wet.
  8. For floors covered with protective varnish, apply cleaning agents in aerosol or concentrated form. They do not have chemically active substances that can damage the coating.
  9. The average optimum air temperature for solid wood species is 18-24 ° C.